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Which functions does the paid version of xyxle offer?
Which functions does the paid version of xyxle offer?
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The basic version of xyxle can be used free of charge.

The paid version of xyxle includes the following features:

  • Any number of connections

  • Article pass:
    Online (Viewer): You can provide a link to view your original product data to a buyer, consumer, quality assurance or other partners.

    PDF: You can create a PDF article passport from the captured data, in the respective stored language.

  • Interfaces (import/export) for existing ERP systems

    REST: You have access to a REST interface and can thus program yourself an interface without our intervention.

    XLS download and upload: You can also download the data you collect into an xls and also upload it again

  • Receive data too: Ask your suppliers to declare the information you need on xyxle and provide it to you. Partners who are only connected to you can use the basic version of xyxle free of charge.

    For further questions please contact [email protected].

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