GDSN briefly explained

What is GDSN?

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The abbreviation GDSN stands for "Global Data Synchronisation Network". The GDSN ensures that the data exchanged between retailers complies with the globally applicable GS1 standards.

As an example, a retailer has 50 locations where they sell food. The food products that are offered in the assortment come from 200 different producers. For each product, the company needs accurate product information. If each producer provides product information in their own way, the retailer has a huge effort to sort and categorize the data. Through xyxle, which works according to the GDSN standard, it is now possible to reduce effort to a minimum and at the same time share it with all partners.

Xyxle works according to GDSN. Furthermore, xyxle brings the innovation of providing not only the given fields of GDSN, but also so-called "flexfields". These are so-called fields that xyxle has developed in collaboration with customers to cover their needs that do not (yet) exist in GDSN.

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