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With whom can data be exchanged?
With whom can data be exchanged?

With whom can data be exchanged?

Written by Ilija Trkulja
Updated this week

You can exchange data with any participant of the platform. The prerequisite is that there is a mutually accepted connection between the partners.

Well-known customers at present are:

  • Coop

  • TransGourmet / Prodega

  • Pistor

  • Spar (and Top CC)

  • Saviva

  • Volg

  • Landi

  • Manor

  • Cadar

  • Valora

  • Loeb

  • Drogerie Müller

  • GDI SA (GODRINK) Groupement de Dépositaires Indépendants SA).

  • HCI


  • Migros (via GDSN, minimal additional costs)

  • Trustbox (additional contract necessary)

Nearly 400 suppliers maintain their data on xyxle. Data can be made available not only to one buyer but also to another supplier.

Existing data can also be shared with customers via an online-sharing function using the article passport. Coca-Cola, for example, uses this feature to keep detailed and up-to-date master data on its products at all times.

With the online article passport, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland makes

makes all product data available in realtime on its website.

For further questions please contact [email protected].

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